Unique is the word that best captures Singapore. It is the only city-island-nation in the world! This all-in-one status makes visiting Singapore an easy blend of culture and commerce. Here you’ll discover a harmonious mix of pop culture, art, and design.

Always a bridge between East and West, today’s Singapore is an eye-catching journey of high-tech transport and traditional gardens; of searing skylines populating the city and quiet green trails connecting rural villages.

Now embracing both these sensibilities, the new eco-green skyscrapers springing up here are a head-turning hallucination of lush foliage sprouting from the walls of rising steel towers. A testament to the energy and bursting creativity to be found on this island-state.

But Singapore is about more than food for the soul, it’s also about Food. From street fare to the best fine dining, this island loves its many cuisines. Every neighborhood has its special joints, and the locals are passionate, lining up for their favorites. Just jump in and join them for a fun, affordable feast.

The local neighborhoods are also a shortcut into a dizzying shopping scene of markets, galleries, fashion and what have you – carpets, saris? For heavy-duty brand-name shopping duck into Orchard Road, a high-end mix of glamour and cutting-edge style.

This is Singapore – a fantastic blend of old/new, East/West, modern and traditional. You are certain to find your style here.