Costa Rica

“Pura Vida”, or the Pure Life is the greeting and mantra of Costa Rica. This is an eco-paradise of waterfalls, deep jungle, diamond lakes, and beaches. Renowned as one of the leading eco and adventure spots in the world, there is so much to explore here by foot, boat or horseback.

The visionaries of this green jewel of a country had an image of eco-sustainability way before it was hip. Abolishing the army in 1948, the government distributed the defense budget to improve healthcare, education and the environment. The result is a country where a fourth of the land is environmentally protected.

And for lucky visitors like you, there’s the opportunity to play and sightsee amidst rainforests, sun-dappled beaches, mountainous trails and imposing volcanoes. This is where the canopy zipline first began, so don’t miss your chance for a thrilling skyline ride through lush cloud forests.

Immerse yourself into the dense tropical experience of Manuel Antonio National Park where the air is thick with the calls of monkeys and bright birds sing through the green tangle of trees.

Or visit the Nicoya Peninsula to chill on its perfect beaches and emerald, foamy waves. You can explore the coastline and discover nesting sea turtles… and small tucked away boutiques and spas. Here, time seems to slow down, and you may do the same.

Costa Rica – you’ll love the warm and friendly attitude of the “Ticos” who will be proud to show you their little Eden in the Americas. And why not? They are lucky to enjoy one of the highest qualities of life anywhere. And now, it’s your turn.