Botswana is wildlife, safari and the spectacle of unending wilderness. This is the place to see the big cats and the other great mammals in a rugged setting that’s as beautiful as it is wild.

In the Okavango Delta, the variety of species is stunning in this virgin land the rest of the world hasn’t yet discovered. It’s said to be perhaps the last great wilderness. There’s massive birdlife here soaring above immense delta floods, almost biblical in its dimensions. A safari here is rich, unspoiled and intensely authentic.

The Kalahari Desert

Picture a desert, the kind you see in movies, shimmering in an endless stretch of sand. This is the Kalahari, the longest continuous desert tract in the world. Here you’ll find river valleys, deep savannahs, and virile black-maned lions.

This is also the habitat of the San people, an indigenous population who are the oldest inhabitants of southern Africa. Theirs was an ancient way of life, living as hunter-gathers for millennia. On one of our exclusive safaris you can witness this rarified world where mass tourism hasn’t yet invaded.


Botswana borders Zambia, home to Victoria Falls, the largest falls in the world. This immense wonder of nature known through the ages as “The Smoke that Thunders” commands awe… but also exciting up-close views via river rafting tours and helicopter flights over its massive cloud of mist.

So much of Zambia remains untouched that it’s a safari paradise of great African elephants, lions and white rhinos. Travel to the bush for game viewing without the crowds found in other destinations.

You can easily combine a visit to Botswana and Zambia for a perfect safari adventure, enjoying the best of both countries. Please check out our tour packages below for a complete African holiday.