A small island nation consisting of 115 islands scattered in the western Indian Ocean. Throughout much of history, the Islands remained uninhabited until the 1770’s. A history dating back to the fourth of the Portuguese India Armadas led by Vasco da Gama on 15 March 1503, although Seychelles was likely already known to Arab navigators and other sailors for many centuries based upon tomb discoveries.

The four largest Islands are Mahe, Praslin, Silhouette & La Digue which are easily accessible by way of Ferry, helicopter or plane. Each of these Islands have their own unique attractions from the well known Valley de Mai – the mysterious Coco de Mer nut that is shaped in the exact form of the female pelvis, that grows on the ancient palm and declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Visit Silhouette Island which is a mere 45 minute boat ride from North of Mahe Island to enjoy Big game fishing, diving & snorkeling, sailing, Turtle hatching and hiking.

The remote location of Cosmoledo atoll makes this a place of wild natural splendor. Habitats include sand dunes, expansive flats, mangroves, grassland and a dramatically fluctuating lagoon. This unique combination creates a hotspot of biodiversity. Cosmoledo Atoll consists of various scattered islands and is home to large populations of endemic birds like boobies, terns, and Frigate birds. The lagoon and its sandy beaches are favored by large populations of Hawksbill and Green Turtles for nesting and a host of feisty fish species on the flats.

This atoll is excellent for:

  • Scuba Diving
  • Bird watching
  • Turtle hatching and monitoring

Astove Atoll

The Islands of Astove and Charlotte that make up the atoll is located roughly 21 miles south-west of Cosmoledo Atoll. The rugged terrains of Astove, holds coconut palms and mangrove forests in the shallows. The undisturbed landscapes have seen the return of various bird species like Crab Plover and Caspian Tern along with other migratory waders and breeding seabirds.

The Island also holds a healthy population of Giant Aldabra Tortoises that are being monitored by the ICS Team. The surrounding waters and the colorful coral reefs that they hold plays host to a variety of curious and impressive marine animals.

Come explore Seychelles with us known for its pristine tropical vegetation, exquisite beaches and a brimming marine bio diversity.