It makes perfect sense that Jordan has a long history of welcoming visitors. After all, it stands at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, host to the ancient Greeks, Romans, medieval warriors and now… you.

Where else will you find superbly preserved Roman ruins, dramatic Crusader castles and Christian holy sites? Only in Jordan can you discover the hidden rose city of Petra, the captivating dunes of the Wadi Rum and the exotic waters of the Red Sea and Aqaba.

This is a biblical land where history springs to life all around you – from the baptism site of “Bethany Beyond The Jordan”, to Mt. Nebo where Moses first set eyes on the Promised Land. Here too, Bedouin and Muslim cultures have co-existed for over a thousand years.

Perhaps that is why Jordanians are such an accepting and welcoming people — proud of their ancient land and eager to make strangers feel at home. This may also be why Jordan is one of the safest countries and the best place to begin your tour of the region.

Indeed, for many visitors, Jordan’s timeless cities, luxury seaside resorts and golden castles are their first stopping point on the way to visiting neighbors like Israel and Egypt. For once you have seen Jordan, you’ll want to savor more of the culture, the history and flavors of the Middle East.