What can you expect from a country composed of 17,000 islands? – Incredible diversity. Innumerable languages, tribes, cultures, landscapes, and adventures populate this largest archipelago in the world. No two islands are the same, but all present a dazzling mix of colors, cuisines, sights, and sounds that are almost overwhelming in their pungent variety.

Same with the landscapes found on these assorted islands that stretch between Asia and Australia – stunning white sand beaches, lines of volcanoes (some still active!) and the paradise of the Bali coast.

Nothing is ordinary here. From the curious wildlife – the fascinating but ominous Komodo dragon, to the transcendent – a skilled Balinese dancer creating impossible moves, you may find yourself astonished at every turn. The spectacle here is part of everyday life.

The adventures found on these effervescent shores present their own unique astonishments: take a private yacht or expedition cruise through the Raja Ampat islands, a journey into perhaps the most superb tropical island scenery and diving destination in the world!

We offer personal sailing experiences through these vivid waters on your own private luxury vessel. Or join us for a boutique expedition cruise to Selah Bay where you’ll gaze upon startling herds of whale sharks. Sail on to Komodo Island, home to the prehistoric yet very real Komodo dragon, scuttling about on a distant rock.

Whether you’re navigating these lush islands, settling into a train ride as the countryside streams by or trekking through a pristine swath of rainforest, you’ll wonder how so many experiences can fit into one country.

But perhaps Indonesia’s motto offers the beginning of an explanation: “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” – there is “Unity in Diversity”.