Sri Lanka

Do magical islands still exist? Can you still visit a land surrounded by mist covered mountains and the remnants of ancient kingdoms? Where lush fields of tea brush up against Buddhist shrines and secluded beaches invite you to spend a lazy afternoon?

This is Sri Lanka – a land of unmatched natural beauty. Here you can soak up a cultural mix of Arab, Portuguese, Dutch and British influences displayed in its architecture… its unique cuisine… and by the diversity of its people – warm and welcoming you with their unmatched hospitality.

Exploring this tear-shaped jewel of an island, just off the southern coast of India, you may come upon the mystical remains of the Sinhalese kingdom and the stunning mountaintop fortress of Sigiriya – a World Heritage site, rising straight up from the surrounding forest.

Like the ancient mariners, who came in search of exotic spices, discover this magical getaway. They called this island Serendipity for its calm and peaceful beauty. You will call it paradise for it truly is a land like no other.