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You’re in good company when you choose to holiday in Egypt – the early Greeks and Romans also enjoyed the vacation possibilities amongst the country’s fantastic monuments, glorious beaches, teeming cities and the magnificent Nile. Of course, today, we can add Red Sea scuba diving, night clubs and luxury hotels to the itinerary. The ancients were on to a good thing, and you too can experience the ageless celebration of Egypt’s history, natural beauty, and romantic cruises down its storied waterway.

You’ll probably begin your Egyptian sojourn in the world-class city of Cairo – at one time the center of an empire – now a dizzying capital filled with street sellers, mosques and minarets. You’ll also find 5-star restaurants, concerts and even the opera. But Cairo is likewise home to a thriving Muslim culture and Egypt’s Christians, called the Copts, who observe ancient traditions dating back to the Pharaohs.

Heading out to the countryside, you’ll find much to explore in this ageless land of tombs, pyramids and temples. At the Valley of the Kings at Luxor, visit the renowned tomb of Tutankhamun or retrace the steps of the faithful at waterside temples, along the banks of the Nile on your journey of discovery.

These many cultural markers and multi-colored sights are the essence of a journey through Egypt. This is world bursting with life, sounds, beauty and the texture of history. Join us as we tour the wonders of this ancient and yet modern nation.