Perhaps no country in Africa has taken as big a leap into the future as Rwanda. Its citizens are busy building a prosperous and peaceful society to complement this stunningly beautiful country of endless hills, bamboo forests, and rainbows of brightly colored birds.

Rwanda holds a wealth of precious wildlife – endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, and golden monkeys live in historic seclusion in the national parks, giving lucky travelers a rare glimpse of their proud existence. Into our awareness. A visit with these friendly people and time spent learning how they live and survive in this harsh environment will be an experience that will not soon leave your thoughts.

The capital of Kigali is a safe hub typified by the warm and engaging Rwandan people. They will proudly tell you all about their burgeoning country and its admirable progress. They’ll also share their street-savvy with tips about the restaurant and busy nightlife scene in Kigali.

However, most travel to Rwanda to get a prized view of the chimpanzees and mountain gorillas in the wild. Ascend the canopy walkway in Nyungwe National Park, amongst ancient treetops for a heavenly vista of butterflies, orchids, and birdlife. Then take a guided tour leading you to a community of chimpanzees, foraging for food and building their nests.

At Volcanoes National Park you can partake in a special journey in search of the rare mountain gorilla tucked away in the hills and montane rainforest. Imagine, trekking through the dense foliage when your guide holds up his hand to pause. Up ahead in a clearing, you spot the eyes first. Unmistakably, it’s your first sighting of a mountain gorilla and you take a quick breath. Suddenly, you spot several more of the group, now looking your way, perhaps as curious of you as you are about them. The moment is indelible – you’ll picture it many times in the years to come.

As a measure of the country’s progressive push toward a sustainable future, ten percent of the income from gorilla and safari permits go to the local communities to improve their lives. And Rwanda is not only eco-diverse but eco-friendly. The deep green of the hills has become a green mindset as well – plastic bags were banned years ago, and Rwanda is now possibly the cleanest country in Africa.

This is an untrammeled world of lush forests. Add to that the thrill of discovering majestic mountain gorillas, set in a vivid painting of lush hills and forest… and Rwanda just might be that special holiday location you’ve been dreaming about.

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Before finishing my unpacking I want you to know that our African trip was flawless. You women do an extraordinary job! I’ll go into more detail later, but you should know that you hit the ball out of the park! The guides were superb, accommodations top notch…we noticed every perfectly executed detail. Our Rwanda safari guide even set us up with an outstanding Gorilla trek guide. He was out to grab him for us. We even saw the big 5 in one day!
We will sing your praises for years to come.
Thank you for making our experience a trip of a lifetime!

Mary Lynne – USA