Thailand is Asia’s golden light. Exploding with energy and confidence, it’s a historic mix of culture, cuisine, rich Buddhist shrines and a lush rural heartland. Just as its dizzying cities enchant us, so do its tropical beaches, deep forests and startling limestone towers. You’ll find the sacred, the profane and everything in between throughout this vibrant country, always ready to welcome you.

Perhaps because Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that was never colonized it radiates a relaxed and inviting vibe – a feeling of wide-open possibilities. If you’re looking for dynamic city life, the buzzing thoroughfares and eateries of Bangkok will gratify your cravings.

In the countryside, you’ll be awash with pictorial scenes of waterfalls, caves, green rice paddies and an endless coastline with the deepest blue waters. Visit some of the 1,400 jungle-filled islands peppering the nearby seas.

And throughout this ancient kingdom of old Siam, you can’t escape the strong religious presence enjoyed in colorful temples, ubiquitous shrines, holy festivals and meditation retreats. There’s an experience… or perhaps a dozen… waiting for you every day in this boundless, kaleidoscope of a nation.