Soeur, Coco & Felicite Island Spotting

While cruising along La Digue’s coastline, we will come upon Coco Island situated 10 minutes out. Ile Cocos lies in close proximity to Félicité and the Sisters Islands. Nominated a marine park since 1996, the island boasts one of the best spot for snorkeling and diving.

The tour continues to Grand Soeur Island: now this is an island with a front yard designed for snorkeling and diving!! It’s a place where you can literally swim with sea turtles amongst a prolific aquatic life, really an experience not to be missed. Not only does it have excellent ocean panoramas and trekking but great for picnicking as well.

The trip then moves on to the coast of Felicite Island. This picturesque and steep granitic island, used as a coconut plantation up to the 1970s is now home to some adventurous wild chickens!

  • Boat transfer between the Islands
  • Entrance fees on the Island
  • Water
  • Lunch
  • Guide

Depart La Digue Jetty to Coco Island
Disembarkation on Coco Island followed by a guided tour of the island
Depart from Coco Island for Grand Soeur
Lunch on Grand Soeur and time off for leisure
Guided tour of the Island & snorkeling
Depart from Grand Soeur for Felicite
Snorkeling at Felicite and time off for leisure
Depart Felicite
Arrive at La Digue Jetty

  • Light casual clothing
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Beach wear & Towel
  • Protective lotions & tanning cream
  • Prepare for wet landing

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