Mandela’s Journey

Walk the footsteps of history and experience Nelson Mandela’s legacy and journey. This itinerary starts in Johannesburg the city which is associated with his life. Here he began his brave struggle for human rights. Travel to Durban where the Inanda heritage Route takes in some of the most important historical sites of Durban. A visit to South Africa is not complete without an exhilarating Big 5 safari. End your journey in the mother city of Cape Town and visit Robben Island – World Heritage site where Madiba (Mandela), was held in prison for 18 years. His stay at Robben Island crafted an important part of the narrative and it’s the perfect place to start learning of not just his life story, but about his fellow political prisoners. Be inspired by stories of former prisoners as they guide you through the prison.

This journey is a life changing experience.