Little Malawi is often called the “Warm Heart of Africa”, perhaps for all the scenic diversity offered in such a small nation or maybe because its people are known for their genuine kindliness and welcoming manner. Either way, you’ll find an unspoiled country waiting for you with an authentic friendliness and a delightful mix of mountains with unending views, deep forests, untouched game parks and its signature destination, Lake Malawi.

The game watching at Malawi’s national parks is eerily uncrowded, set in true wilderness. Here the safaris all utilize open-topped 4 x 4’s, and you can enjoy boat and walking safaris as well.

Even the capital city of Lilongwe offers an enchanting slice of nature with its Wildlife Centre lying in the heart of the city. The Centre is a small green oasis of birds and small animals, that are protected and rehabilitated if needed.

Perhaps the country’s premier reserve is Liwonde National Park offering Malawi’s best game viewing. A recent animal re-stocking program has reintroduced rhinos and cheetahs to the area, and the park is now a “Big 5” destination.

Walking the high plateaued grasslands of Nyika National Park, you might momentarily think you’re strolling the Scottish Highlands… that is until you come across antelope, eland, elephant, and buffalo. These rolling savannahs and evergreen forests are also home to central Africa’s highest density of leopard. All this happening in a stunning highland setting at 8000 ft (2500 m), where you may find yourself viewing the animals on high plateaus above the clouds!

It’s a vast body of water. The immortal Dr. David Livingston came upon it in 1859 and called it the “Lake of the Stars”, perhaps because its immense surface reflected the nighttime sky, but Lake Malawi is the country’s most iconic attraction. In a land-locked country, the large freshwater lake, ringed with golden beaches is must-see for visitors. Take a break from safari with water sports like kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, and diving. The lake’s sparkling water will invite you to a world bursting with colorful tropical fish.

You’re never far from the gentle people of Malawi. Visiting the fishing villages dotting the lake’s shoreline you can watch and meet the fisherman as they practice their traditional craft. Their welcoming smiles of acceptance are always an invitation to talk, to learn and to share a laugh. That’s the Malawi way.

Southern Discovery Tour

Southern Discovery Tour On this trip, you will experience some of the best safari and beach that Malawi has to offer. The Shire River throngs with life throughout the year and provides a picturesque backdrop to Mvuu Lodge. The uninhabited shores of Mumbo Island showcasing unspoilt nature at its best and stunningly clear waters- undoubtedly…