Hi Sheri,
Sorry for the delay, but I am sure that you know what things are like when one returns from being away for two weeks. I did want to tell you that my trip to India was fantastic and that I really enjoyed the itinerary that you planned for me. It went without a hitch and everyone was very eager to be certain that nothing went wrong, and it didn’t. I had excellent and very courteous travel agent representatives, drivers and guides. The schedule that you set up for me was superb and I learned a lot more about the sites this time than I did last time which was why I did not mind returning to a couple of places that I hade visited before. It was well worth the repeat. In fact, I have already given a talk on India, presenting about 150 slides to a club I belong to here in Lubbock.
Thanks again for doing such a thorough and thoughtful job for my trip. I can assure you that it was very much appreciated.

Sincerely, Doug