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Black Friday Deal – Sun on Ramses and the Nile (9 Days, 8 Nights) October 19-27, 2023

We are offering travelers a 25% Black Friday discount on the ‘Sun on Ramses and the Nile’ Egyptian tour to experience the magical sun festival at the Abu Simbel Temple. The nine-day, eight-night Egypt itinerary takes place October 19-27, 2023 allowing guests to discover the mysteries of Egypt and witness the rare solar alignment illuminating the ‘Holy of Holies’ at Abu Simbel Temple.

Egypt’s secrets will come to light in front of your eyes – literally. The phenomenon at Abu Simbel takes place only twice a year on February 22 and October 22, and it is widely believed among archaeologists that the two days mark the Pharaoh’s birthday and day of coronation. The sun will penetrate the corridor of the Great Temple of Ramses II illuminating the ‘Holy of holies,’ the innermost sanctuary of an Egyptian temple. While highlighting three of the four statues on the back wall of the sanctuary including the statue of King Ramses II, the sunlight delicately evades the face of Ptah, the ancient Egyptian god of darkness.

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