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Amazon Rainforest Expeditions

Every week of the year, two award-winning luxurious vessels take up to 40 passengers deep into Peru’s Amazon wilderness to places only a few fortunate people have seen. They experience such wonders as pink dolphins, six-foot-wide water lilies, fantastic birds, wondrous mammals, fishing for sharp-toothed piranha, and interaction with the people of the river, creating precious and privileged memories.

All guests aboard can enjoy fine wine and haute cuisine in all-inclusive comfort equivalent to a five-star boutique hotel. The oversized staterooms all feature en-suite seating areas, generous beds, and wall-to-wall panoramic windows. The observation deck with an outdoor jacuzzi and the lounge are glorious places to sip a Pisco sour and watch the world go by.

Choose Your Season

Expeditions operate year-round, and every voyage is uniquely appealing, based on the changing seasons. The river and estuaries grow during the high-water season, allowing launch boats to venture deeper into the flooded forest. During the low water season, the river recedes, and beautiful sandy river beaches form. During the High Water season, the boats launch from further down river near Iquitos City, during the Low Water season there is a road transfer to Nauta Town, further up river by Nauta Town.

High Water Season: This season runs from November through May—summer, and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. During the high-water season, the average temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit, 12 degrees cooler than in the low-water season. It is our cooler and wet season, but keep in mind that we get only a little more than half (60%) of our total rainfall during the high-water season and that it is hot in the Amazon any time of year.

Low Water Season: This season coincides with the winter in the Southern Hemisphere (from June to October). Temperatures average about 98 degrees Fahrenheit, and, despite its name, the low water season still gets some heavy rains. A key difference is that trails and jungle paths flooded from November to May are now easily accessible, allowing groups to explore deep in the jungle (accompanied by fewer mosquitoes than during the high-water season).

Choose Your Route

We have two primary routes, the Aria and Nera. Both operate year-round, and we have three, four, and seven-night itineraries year round, so guests can choose the destination that best suits their interests and preferences.