Zimbabwe is a song which, once heard, is never forgotten; a mood to suit the needs of any soul, any time; a spell that binds all those who know her. Her voice brings forth many melodies. Welcome to Zimbabwe, a land rich in diversity ranging from low-lying semi-desert to lush highlands strewn with forests and lakes. Zimbabwe is situated on a high plateau in Southern Africa, covering 390,245 Km.

Any adventure into the African bush will heighten your senses and set your pulse racing. The very nature of your surroundings, its unfamiliarity and wildness, lets you know that you are entering the unknown. The bush changes constantly with the seasons and from day to night. What you spot on a morning safari will be different from that in the afternoon. At night, after sunset, there is a changing of the guard again and you could encounter a range of animals that are seldom seen.

Victoria Falls – no doubt one of the major highlights – can be experienced at ground level or through “The Flight of Angels”, which aptly refers to the Helicopter Flights over and around Victoria Falls. It originated from the phrase coined by David Livingstone when he first documented discovering the falls: “Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by Angels in Their Flight”. I think it is a great name – it describes this activity perfectly as it is surely one of the finest experiences you can have. At ground level you can feel the enormous power of the Victoria Falls as tremendous volumes of water pound into the chasm below, but it is only when you take to the air that you can take in the whole panorama and enormity of this mighty spectacle.