Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a tear drop shaped island off the southern coast of India is a land of unparalleled natural beauty. Her rich heritage and culture dates back to 500 BC. Ancient mariners who discovered the island for its exotic spices called this island Serendipity for its calm and peaceful beauty. The influence of the Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch and British conquerors is evident in its magnificent architecture, some of which have now been converted to luxury boutique hotels. Sri Lanka’s unique cuisine, her smiling and friendly people and unmatched hospitality makes it an idyllic getaway. Within this tiny island you experience golden sands and palm fringed beaches, lush and cool mist covered mountains carpeted with tea, ancient Buddhist shrines and temples, remnants of the ancient Sinhalese kingdoms including the magnificent rock fortress of Sigiriya and fauna and flora with endemic species exclusive to this island. This infinite variety makes Sri Lanka truly a land like no other.