Our Vision

Be recognized as:

  • ‘The’ company offering the ultimate customized vacation exclusively designed to meet the individual requirements of our clients traveling to exotic destinations around the world.
  • ‘The’ company that offers a professional and reliable travel service with the highest level of integrity.
  • ‘The’ company to make the most impact on your vacation while making the least impact on the environment.

“Our client is the travel agent. We custom-tailor our product to support the travel agent in closing their sale.”

These are the words by which Sheri Fazleabas, guides her boutique tour company, A & S Signature Journeys. As President of this active B2b enterprise, Sheri offers her 30 years of expertise to qualified travel agents in the U.S. market.

“We bring our passion and enthusiasm of the destination to our agents and design the ultimate tour experience they seek for their clients.”

Sheri knows this business well, and her enthusiasm for travel has led her to every corner of the globe in search of exhilarating destinations – whether for adventure, romance, culture or simply a relaxing getaway. Her journeys to 90+ countries have made her an expert in anticipating the expectations of travelers.

“Our strength is in the experience and personal interaction we bring to our agents, providing them with the information and tools to succeed.”

Sheri established A & S Signature Journeys in 2002 with the goal of sharing her extensive experience with the travel and tourism community. It was her dream to build A& S into a strong and reputable resource travel agents could rely upon for their clients.

She has more than succeeded. In 2016, A & S Signature Journeys was the recipient of the TRAVY Silver Award for ‘Best Tour Packages to Africa’. A & S has earned significant recognition as well, from National Geographic Traveler.

Sheri’s vision is to continue offering the ultimate in customized vacations, exclusively designed for clients traveling to exotic destinations around the world. It is her mission to best support the travel agent every step of the way.

“We believe that if the agent succeeds we succeed!”