China/Hong Kong

China is forever linked to its ancient civilization, friendly people, and many of the world’s most revered treasures, such as the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors. Today, one can also find spectacular architecture and towering skylines in Shanghai and Beijing and a wealth of luxury accommodations.

Tibet is the highest and the youngest plateau in the world, located by the southwest border of China The average height of the whole region is more than 13123 feet above sea level, for which Tibet is known as Roof of the World. The highest peak of Tibet, also the highest in Himalayas and in the whole world, is Everest Peak, which is as high as 29022 feet above sea level. Although a part of China, Tibet has a unique culture of all there own. It is mainly inhabited by Tibetans, a minority nationality of old and mysterious people. Tourist attractions include the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Jokhang Temple, and a number of Buddhist sacred places.