Argentina – the name suggests so much – the Andes, Buenos Aires, tango dancers, futbol, gauchos Patagonia. From the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls in the north to the icy peaks of Tierra del Fuego in the extreme south, Argentina presents a richness of possibilities.

Visiting Buenos Aires, you may think you’ve landed in a European city, so strong is the influence of continental culture and architecture. However, the many Parrillas, or steak restaurants, serve up varieties of beef you won’t find anywhere else.

The same goes for the Milongas, or tango parlors dotting the city. Argentina’s most famous export is the ultimate erotic dance. Watch an exhibition, or even learn some steps with your own lesson.

To the west, the Mendoza wine country at the foot of the Andes, rivalsvineyards anywhere with their outstanding Malbecs. You could easily spend days here, discovering dozens of family owned wineries.

Then, journey to the extreme south of the Americas to Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia. This “Land of the Fire” is a landscape of glaciers, fjords and nature as wild as you can imagine. As we’ve said, there is no end to your possibilities of discovery in Argentina.